Monday, March 12, 2012

Victory Day 2012

Welcome back! Yeah, a year has gone by, and sadly we are all still awaiting Cobra Killer: Gay Porn Murder and the Manhunt to Bring the Killers to Justice by Andrew E. Stoner and Peter A. Conway. It looks like the new expected due date is now May 22.

Well that's fine! I think we have a few items to chat about on this sacred anniversary in the meantime. Starting with, the eagerly awaited revelation of our "Mystery Guest!"

Meet Rick Altman

Ladies and gentlemen, our Mystery Guest is none other than Rick Altman (or Altmann...the spelling seems to be somewhat flexible here), the puppetmaster behind the whole Brat Boy School/Ethan Reynolds collapse.

For a refresher course in that whole affaire, just click these links here, here, here, here and here.

Now as you may recall, one bit of unfinished business was, that despite our best efforts, we were never able to procure a photograph and unmask the elusive and camera-shy Mr. Altman. Like all good con artists, Altman had always made a habit of ducking away from the camera lens, according to those who knew him.

Well I am happy to finally announce...we got 'em. Or I should say, one of his victims did. The following new (and largely unnoticed) blog got brought to my attention via a comment thread I accidentally left open: STOP RICK ALTMANN!

I think this blog is fairly self-explanatory, so I'll just add a couple of points. One, despite being around since January of 2010, and despite the blockbuster revelation of the long awaited Altman photo back in July of 2011, it does not seem to have gotten a lot of attention. I hope this post changes that.

And two, lets take a quick look at what Ethan Reynolds has been up to lately. He's trying to make a comeback, it would seem! He has a underdeveloped web site out there, but really catches my eye are his much more active Facebook and Twitter accounts. Now...I want everyone here to check those. Click on those links, and take a good hard look at them, keeping in mind that the actual personality of the real Ethan "JR" Reynolds is that of a "shy, non-talkative" individual who has difficulty stringing two sentences together. In the words of the SRA blogger:

"I was shocked to find that real life "JR" was NOTHING at all like the JR I'd come to know online (because he wasn't the guy I'd been chatting with! It was Rick). Online, "JR" was very intelligent, funny and charismatic, while real life JR (Ethan) Reynolds was shy, non-talkative, very immature and certainly didn't come across as being all that intelligent."
And by the way, I've had verifications of this from other sources as person, the real Ethan "JR" Reynolds is about as colorful and witty as a fence post.

I'm going to cut to the chase here, guys: I believe the old Brat Boy fraud is back. I believe "Ethan Reynolds" is, once again, a Milli Vanilli act, with Rick Altman being, once again, the true author of all his Facebook and Twitter posts. And I believe the ultimate objective behind this deception is the desire to commit fraud. And therefore, I am sounding the alarm.

You know, this has been a Kocisphere related blog for the most part, but we have deviated on occasion. This Ethangate scandal was one such instance, Mason Wyler and his fake rape claim was another. If I had to say what was the one theme that united all these stories, it would be this: the exposure of fraud and chicanery in the gay community. It doesn't matter if it was or Rick Altmann or Mason Wyler trying to pull the wool over the your eyes, this blog ALWAYS stood for ripping that wool off.

So, that's why I make this the lead item of the 2012 Reunion. If I'm right, and the old Brat Boy con is on again, then I think it's this blog's duty to raise the hue and cry. And now we have a photo to use as well...nothing scatters the cockroaches like shining a flashlight RIGHT upon them. If at least one future "Ethan fan" has his life savings preserved thanks to this post, well, then it has served it's purpose.

Now, on to other items of note...

S-P-L dot com

Well, a whole year has gone by, which can mean only one thing: Brent has a new website! Or I should say Sean does. As The Sword somewhat exagerratingly puts it, Sean Paul Lockhart aka Brent Corrigan is now on his 7 millionth web site, with the latest one being

One point I have to make at the outset: Wow, we have now come FULL circle. This whole megadrama began because Brent...oooops, no, wait, now it's Sean...felt he HAD to be able use the name Brent Corrigan. He couldn't just do porn as Sean Lockhart, or Fox Ryder, or Trent Horrigan, or Ethil the Frog, OR ANYTHING OTHER than Brent Corrigan. Costly lawsuits must be risked, so surrender, no retreat! Don't call me Sean, for I am BRENT, dammit! Hear me roar.

Fast forward to today. Sean's current attitude towards the disputed name, which in days of yore led to a nasty lawsuit, a controversial settlement, ruined business partnerships, and oh, incidentally, a murder, can be summed up in a recent Advocate interview he did:

Have any filmmakers asked you to use the name Brent Corrigan in order to capitalize on your adult following?

I realize this transition won’t happen over night. Right now my aim is to be credited as Sean Paul Lockhart, which is my birth name. But if for promotional reasons, filmmakers need to do the a.k.a. thing, I’m completely on board with that...
So he'll only use Brent as an "a.k.a." and only if "they" insist. Otherwise, he could almost care less now about the precious name. How times have changed.

The new site come with a new bio, which I always find interesting as a view into his current mindset. Plenty of fodder for reunion discussion contained herein, methinks...such as a forthcoming memoir ("Incorrigible") having been already optioned into a movie deal. Hmmmm...

Harlow's Cell Phone, Part Deux (Yes, I'm Beating This Dead Horse Again)

Last year during our Reunion, I posited the theory that Harlow was using an illegal-for-him-to-have smartphone with an internet connection, which he had used to monitor (and even post things to) blogs and message boards such as this one. This theory was roundly poo poo-ed by you all.

Well dammit, I'm doubling down. READ THIS NEW ARTICLE. Go on, read it! There, done?

NOW, TRY to tell me with a straight face that I'm crazy on this. Go on, just TRY!

I'm telling you folks, he HAS a phone! That funeral posting by him a couple years ago WERE from him, I am certain of it. And he's probably reading this post right now AS WE SPEAK.

Prison slackness over this issue is a national disgrace. The effort to put an end to it must start somewhere, however, and I say it should begin with PA state prisoner Harlow Cuadra! So, write your Congressmen...tell 'em you demand an immediate cavity search of Harlow and the confiscation of his illegal phone NOW.

Chapter One

Lastly, let end this year's reunion with a perusal of the tantalizing opening lines of Chapter One of PC's Cobra Killer, due out May 22:

Chapter One

During third week of January 2007, Bryan Kocis boarded an airplane in San Diego for a long flight back home to Pennsylvania. He was filled with excitement and hope. It was a trip he had taken many times before over the last several years as his home-based gay pornography business began to grow. He’d found financial success in producing gay porn in the most unlikely of all places – tiny Dallas Township, Pennsylvania – and his company soon rivaled anything being produced in the porn capital of the world: the San Fernando Valley of California.

He carried with him on this return flight to Pennsylvania a signed copy of a legal settlement that he thought ended an issue that had nagged him for more than a year. He thought he was nearing the end of a protracted and bitter fight that had brought him scorn and to the brink of arrest on federal child endangerment laws.

The settlement settled a lot. But it ended nothing.

Five days later, Kocis, 44, was dead, his head nearly severed from his body, his body curled into a fetal position and pierced with 28 separate knife wounds to the abdomen and chest. His body was charred with second and third degree burns that would render him unrecognizable. Police retrieved dental records to identify him. His life had ended on the leather sofa in his living room as his home was reduced to a smoking hull of burned up dreams.

Bryan Kocis was dead and the hunt for what had brought such unparalleled violence to Dallas Township, Pennsylvania, was just beginning.

The violence that took Kocis’ life would send shockwaves across the community, and ultimately across the country. His murder would reveal more about Kocis than most people ever knew, and even more about an unexpected enterprise operating from a base in stoic, conservative northeast Pennsylvania.

As details emerged, first neighbors, then the community and ultimately everyone would know that Bryan Kocis had built a successful gay pornography business from his modest home – an undertaking that may have contributed to his death. His secrets would unfurl for all to see, revealing a complicated conspiracy.

There was never any question the investigation into the murder of Bryan Kocis would be a joint effort. Dozens of officers from local, state and federal agencies would be involved, led by the Pennsylvania State Police Major Case Investigation.

“Right from the outset we worked with the police and this investigation rested with the state police, as it should have,” assistant district attorney Michael Melnick said.Pennsylvania State Trooper Michael Boone, a 15-year veteran, was one of the first to arrive at the murder scene, a simple one-and-a-half story home at 60 Midland Drive at about 9:45 p.m. on Wednesday, January 24, 2007. Snow flurries had began to fall. His job: Process any evidence that could be collected from the scene.

Boone, a member of the state police’s Forensic Services Unit, took measurements, made diagrams, and captured the scene in photographs and videotape. His first photographs included exterior views that showed intense burning to the front porch and entry to the home, burning so intense the ceiling and roof of the small porch began to collapse before firefighters could extinguish the flames. Outside, two small snow shovels were leaned against Kocis’ BMW parked next to the house. The intense fire had damaged the car, even melting headlamp casings.

On the porch itself, a charred wooden bench and the remnants of what appeared to be melted plastic one-gallon gas tank. (2) The front door was burned and charred; the exterior “storm door” melted in place. Neither of the doors showed signs of forced entry. Inside the blackened living room, a portion of the ceiling had collapsed and heavy melting damage had occurred to a giant big-screen TV and entertainment center Kocis had just purchased a few weeks prior as a Christmas present to himself. The room’s picture window was blown out, the metal bar separating the panes dumped onto the sofa below. It was just part of the fire debris that fell upon the sofa, and Kocis’ lifeless body, as the fire raged.

“(Kocis is) still lying on the couch,” Boone said in describing the scene. “He’s found lying on his back. This debris would have come down on top of him.”

Boone’s photographs showed that most of the sofa’s cushion and stuffing had burned away, the frame being all that remained of the couch. “Mr. Kocis’ body (was) lying here,” he reported.

Close-up photos of Kocis’ body showed his severely slashed throat, his skull almost severed from his body, as well as knife wounds to his left chest and abdomen. After Deputy Luzerne County Coroner William Lisman removed the body, and a large pool of blood and other biological fluids remained.

As snow showers continued until after 1 a.m. and a slight accumulation began to show, investigators decided to place plastic tarps over exposed areas of the house to preserve all the evidence they could. One long, cold night of investigating was coming to a close, but days of hard work in the Pennsylvania winter lie ahead.

Melnick, the assistant DA, got his first look at the scene in the morning light of Thursday, January 25.
“It was bitterly cold that day,” Melnick said, recalling that as he stepped under a yellow police line tape surrounding the Kocis home, he was greeted with a stern ‘welcome’ from State Police Detective Steve Polishan who didn’t know Melnick from Adam.

Melnick recalls Polishan telling him, “Very nice to meet you. We’ll meet you back at the Dallas Township Police Department.” Melnick took the hint to back off and waited to meet the detectives later in the tiny squad room of the Dallas Township Police Department, just a mile east of the murder scene.

It would be two more days before investigators from the District Attorney’s office were allowed in the scene. State fire marshal and homicide investigators spent those two days painstakingly combing the burned rubble of the Kocis home, some detectives down on their hands and knees sifting for clues.

Among the pieces of evidence collected by Trooper Boone was “a small little razor blade knife” found underneath the burned love seat. Behind the front door, on a small half-circle table, police recovered Kocis’ untouched wallet, a money clip with $60 cash in it, sunglasses, a pocket knife, and keys to his prized BMW. Police also found loaded handguns stashed throughout drawers in cabinets and end tables in the home. Kocis’ family members would later recover $1,800 in cash left in a kitchen drawer. In the kitchen sink, two long stem wine glasses and a broken wine bottle (damaged in the fire) and cocktail shaker were found.

Investigators did not find any fingerprints on any of the items collected. It was no surprise. “Heat is very bad for a latent print,” Boone said. “The latent print is going to be as a result of secretions from the body and the pores of the fingertips.”

Boone said the heat destroyed any remaining sweat or oil needed to leave a print from anyone who was in the room before the fire...
The most eyebrow raising part of this intro, IMO is this: "He thought he was nearing the end of a protracted and bitter fight that had brought him scorn and to the brink of arrest on federal child endangerment laws."

Huh. Well I don't know about you guys, but that last bit about the "brink of arrest" is news to me. We know that Grant and Br...Sean went to the FBI, but we've always been led to believe nothing ever came of this. Are we to infer from this that, in reality, these efforts brought Bryan to the "brink of arrest?"

Perhaps PC can clarify...if not, well, I guess we'll all find out on May 22! That, and many other interesting hitherto unknown details as well, hopefully. Can't wait!!!


will g said...

Oh it's Rick Altman(n)! That was going to be my very next guess! OK I'm lying, never heard of him. I did notice that the Ethan Reynolds scandale was your main non-Kocis fixation in the early days, before my time, but sadly I have only a passing familiarity with it so I can't discuss it intelligently, yet. I'll try and bone up. But Jim, now that you have a Twitter account of your very own, why don't you try tweeting "@EthanReynolds"? I'm sure he'd love to hear from you, and he seems to respond to his fans...

Well it's 3:30 in the morning as I type this, so I'll sign off now, but I just wanted to officially wish you a Happy Victory Day 2012. I'll be back! (And I'll try not to make a fool of myself like I did in that Sword thread LOL.)

jim said...

Thanks Will! And Happy Victory Day!!!

will g said...

Where is everybody?? I've sent out some tweets and emails as reminders...

Geoff Harvard said...

What is the difference between Rick Altman and any of these porn impresario mooks?

What these boys need is someone who will swat them up side the head with the Manhattan yellow pages and get them into tech school to be machinists and tool and die makers. Those are the jobs that employers find hardest to fill.

DeWayne In San Diego said...

Hi Jim yeah that article on Cell Phones is scary they still haven't clamped down in Cali Prisons after the Charles Manson cell scandal the Guard Union OWNS the legislature and didn't want smuggling of cell phones made a felony. (since guards are the ones DOING IT)

Rick Altmann how did I forget you and I were the only ones who paid any attention to that story and Blair Masons exit from porn (here HE is doing well in his home state and in school)

will g said...

Two quick observations from this thread as I try to catch up on Ethangate:

DeWayne commented:

"I got a momentary glimpse into what was going on at San Diego Pride Last year.

"Ethan, Ben and Blair were all there, I suspect Rick was as well. (I have not as yet been able to identify him from my pix which is why I wish someone would post one.)"

Time to comb through your picture archive DeWayne!

Also, off-topic, I was surprised, to say the least, to see comments from "Bud Foxx" in that thread, A) because I never knew "Bud" commented on other people's blogs, and B) this was on April 17, 2008, a mere 3 weeks before his untimely death. And here he was commenting at some length about this scandal. Just sayin'...

And there was this quote from "Bud":

"I tell all my clients two things:

"There is no room for error in the gay skin business. You're either hot or you're not."

His clients??? What, "Bud" was some kind of porn agent? I never knew that.

Excuse the detour. I'll probably comment more on Altman(n) later.

will g said...

OK I'm back. Geoff asks:

"What is the difference between Rick Altman and any of these porn impresario mooks?"

The difference, from what I've been able to gather, is that Rick Altman(n) is merely a con man/predator/embezzler not involved in porn or any other legitimate or even semi-legitimate business endeavor. If he is or was, I haven't gleaned that from what I've read so far.

jim said...

Yeah, one interesting thing about Ethan Reynolds is that he's never done porn. He dated a porn star (Ben) for a while, and during that time the porn blogs reported on them both occasionally.

But once that ended, porn news sites had no reason to follow him anymore, and have completely ignored him. Hence he (and Altman) have been relatively under the radar screen this whole time since the Brat Boy/Ginch Gonch collapse. Try to do a Google search for Ethan Reynolds, and you'll see what I mean.

DeWayne In San Diego said...

Thank You Will that jogged my memory yes he was there! The booth Ben,Ethan and Blair were at was right next to the Helix studios booth in a grove of trees. Mr.Altmann was right there sitting on a park bench.

Did I get a photo? nope I am not in the habit of snapping pix of surly looking men I did notice he was keeping his attentions divided between the Ginch Gonch booth and the Helix boys.

I noticed that Blair and Ethan seemed to ignore him while Ben did go up to him once on a break.

I rarely forget a face,but I am a lost cause on names. But I recall thinking he was there in some "official" capacity.

Will I need to look thru my pride pix and see if he turns up in an unpublished one. I got a lot of pix that day.

Geoff Harvard said...

Do you think the kocisphere has jumped the shark? If so, it's too bad for the timing of PC's book release.

jim said...

THAT'S an interesting question, Geoff.

No doubt interest has waned, that is to be expected. But as far as the book goes...

If it's a well written book, I think it will do fine. There's so much inherent drama to the whole saga (producer negligently shoots underage porn, tries to intimidate boy out of industry, boy retaliates by revealing secret, producer retaliates by lawsuit, parties settle, producer is murdered by a third party to curry favor with boy, everyone thinks boy did it, boy records third party talking about the murder on nude beach, third party gets arrested, conspiracy nuts formulate bizarre theories of third party innocence, third party is emboldened to plead innocent, case DRAGS ON for two years, one third party finally confesses and pleas out, other third party goes to trial, decides to take the stand, makes an enormous fool of himself, is found guilty, gets life, and spends the rest of his life furtively reading about himself in his cell on his smuggled iPhone) that even people with no prior knowledge of the case will be vastly entertained.

So, we'll see. But yeah, a lot of the conspiracy nuts who formed the heart and soul of the Kocissphere back in the day have moved on. You don't see them at these reunions much, which IMO is unfortunate.

will g said...

Wait, doesn't Geoff qualify as a "conspiracy nut" to some extent? You don't accept the notion that Harlow and Joe did it on their own, do you Geoff?

TheDaveofDaves said...

....well, all except for the idiot Kent Barclay/"Damon Kruezer" who insists Harlow was innocent, will be freed on appeal any day now, and was Brent/SPL's secret lover.

That is, if you choose to follow, its...rantings over at Twitter, Jim. You'll get some laughs that's for damn sure!

jim said...

Geoff had his conspiracy theory out there, definitely. I devoted a whole post to it in fact, IIRC:

As you can see it was a motive theory. Not arguing H&J are innocent, but guilty and why they did it.

will g said...

"Cut to Virginia Beach and Joe and Harlow, who are just as broke and desparate. It is whispered in their ears that maybe they will be allowed to live if only they do this one thing. The whisperers know that Joe and Harlow are incompetent and will be caught, but they also know that these two mooks will not be safe even in prison if they talk."

Conspiracy nut! (Just using your words Jim, not violating your policy on name-calling!)

will g said...

Oh and Dave, Kentie-poo is just a "nut" period. But he's actually the ANTI-conspiracy nut, since he doesn't even believe Harlow conspired with Joe.

TheDaveofDaves said...

Kentie is more than just a "nut," he's a criminal sociopath with delusions of grandeur. He has his own brand of conspiracies to believe in, such as maintaining it was Brent/SPL who set this whole thing up all along. Which, recall, was promoted on Twitter somewhat by gay porns "boy genius" Jayden "I'll be remembered only for screwing a raw turkey" Grey.

Geoff Harvard said...

A conspiracy is an agreement among people to commit a crime or to achieve a common purpose through illegal means. If there was a creditor who concluded that Kocis was a deadbeat and who wanted him dead as an example, Joe and Harlow did not agree and had no common purpose with another in killing Kocis; they were coerced. (I do not take that as a matter in mitigation. They should have been executed.) I don't recall Will having the balls to offer his verbal abuse back in September 2008.

No one has commented on whether the kocisphere has jumped the shark.

jim said...

Geoff, I did at 3:45

will g said...

This was my response to Geoff's theory in Sept. 2008. Can I just say I knew a LOT less about the case back then. It was also a lot easier to be indulgent about this kind of speculation before the trial. Afterwards, I just find it laughable.

I do not consider anything I have said to be "verbal abuse" Geoff. The generalized "conspiracy nut" label was Jim's, I ran with it to describe your theory. But for you to reject the term "conspiracy" because 2 of the members were coerced into action is highly disingenuous. That still constitutes a conspiracy. Once Joe and Harlow agreed to it, instead of going straight to the authorities and reporting the plan, they were part of a conspiracy.

jim said...

Technically though, I couldn't have been referring to Geoff, since his was a motive theory, not one of "third party innocence."

Anonymous said...

Where is PC? I hear he is ill.

will g said...

Another year, yet another new Harlow site from Peter Everhard, the only person more obsessed with Harlow than you-know-who.

jim said...

You mean "Matt Fondel" has a new Harlow site. We call him that here, by his real name that I successfully exposed, and not by any of his made up names like Peter Everhardt. To emphasize the fact that he is simply one obsessed loony case out of NYC, and not five.

will g said...

Yes PC has been ill and is convalescing at the moment, otherwise I'm sure he would have posted here. I've told him privately how much I like the opening of the book, I think it's very well written and definitely piques the reader's interest. Not to mention Jim's interest with that "brink of arrest" tidbit...

Geoff Harvard said...

Matt Fondel gets some things right about the late Mr. Kocis and his enterprise, but I think he has an intense crush on Harlow like some fat English chick. Maybe if they had deadly clan vendettas in Scranton like they do in Afghanistan or Albania metaphysical justice would have been done.

DeWayne In San Diego said...

Peter Everhardt is Matt Fondel? I have forgotten that, hmm someone else I mentally blocked ;-0

hmm jumping the shark I don't think a once a year blog could be construed as "beyond relevance or recovery" just because we are discussing other "Kocis klone" characters like Rick Altman.

Jim you had an interest almost from the start in not only discussion and commentary on all things Kocisphere but bullshit in the porn biz as well. I greatly enjoyed reading this!

And we are sorely missing such an outlet now!

Twitter and Facebook can't match a blog with the space for long posts and copious commentary for exposing the dark underbelly.

We need a TRUE Porn confidential!

LOL not a site selling porn memberships (once they do that they are co-opted and working for the beast)

Wait I just describe myself?

Yes ;-p

PC said...

"Geoff Harvard said...
Do you think the kocisphere has jumped the shark? If so, it's too bad for the timing of PC's book release.

Actually I'm glad they did. The majority of the folks that I have found that have an interest in the book aren't even gay, nor have they even heard of Bryan, Harlow, Joe, etc... they just like to read a good true crime book - go figure :)

PC said...


Thank you as always for mentioning the book. I look forward to its release this May... it's been a long time coming, that's for sure :)

jim said...

You're welcome PC, and thank you! I know I speak for everybody here when I say we are all chompin' at the bit for the book release date ...

will g said...

The blogger at Stop Rick Altmann! finally responded to your questions.

jim said...

Thanks Will! Yeah, hmmm, interesting...

will g said...

What I find surprising is that there are no negative posts on his Facebook page. Wouldn't you expect some backlash? Or does "Ethan" just delete anything negative? I'm not sure how that works on Facebook, being one of the last people on Earth not to have an account. But I know he can't delete negative tweets, and I didn't see any of those either in a quick search.

Also, what's the point of Altman continuing this charade? You said in the post "I believe 'Ethan Reynolds' is, once again, a Milli Vanilli act, with Rick Altman being, once again, the true author of all his Facebook and Twitter posts. And I believe the ultimate objective behind this deception is the desire to commit fraud." But nothing appears to be for sale, except modeling and dancing gigs for Ethan, which obviously he himself has to show up for, so it's hard to see where the fraud is coming in this time.

jim said...

I'm sure his FB would have negative posts scrubbed very quickly if they ever popped up. But frankly I'd be surprised if they ever had to deal with many.

We've seen this phenomenon before. If you're a hottie, people will tend to be more gullible and trusting of you. Harlow still has his illogical supporters out there, due to this phenomenon.

And yeah, I expect any scam that's being run will be very behind the scenes. All the others were of that nature. There won't be any overt public plugs for cash. Instead, people will be lured in, then separated from their wealth. Like the SRA blogger. And with Blair, if I recall, was privately pitched some sort of house flipping deal (which turned out to be a total fraud).

So, who knows what's going on. But people should at least be aware that's almost certainly not the real Ethan they are talking to on social media.

Albert said...

Just saying hi. I am looking forward to Peter's book but have no interest in DK or any other similar wanna-be so no real comment.

All of the Brent haters had long disappeared before the trial ended (except BB.) It is not surprising they would not be commenting here. I also note Elmysterio/Cedric has not made an appearance. Although not a Brent hater, he did believe Harlow to be innocent for a long time. Maybe he forgot about reunion time.

DeWayne and I are still in contact. He came to visit me this September. I wore him out walking San Antonio, the Missions, a day at Schlitterbahn waterpark and a trip to Austin to see a premiere of 'Judas Kiss' with Sean Paul, Richard Harmon, J.T. Tepnapa and Carlos Pedraza in attenance.

Not much else for now but will check back.

jim said...

Hi Albert!

And just to add...I can recall the precise moment all the "toxic twinkers" left the Kocisphere. You're right, it was during the trial before the verdict; specifically, RIGHT AFTER Brent-now-Sean testified.

B-n-S's trial testimony was supposed to be Christmas Day for the Brent haters. Beforehand they were all atwitter about how the defense attorney was going to TEAR into Brent, shred his credibility, expose years of lies, and leave him a quivering, stuttering, broken pile of goo on the witness stand.

Renee was in particular quite vocal in predicting such an Armageddon, As I recall.

In fact, they'd all been saying this for months, ever since the arraignment and the realization there would be a trial.

Well low and behold, Christmas Day came, and the reality of his actual testimony fell quite a bit short of their expectations:

The silence from the Brent bashers afterwards was so overwhelming, you could cut the disappointment in the air with a knife. Most simply stopped commenting on the blogs after this point. Except for BB, to his credit IMO, who stuck it out 'till the end.

Ah memories! That's what I love about these reunions, there were so many of what I would call pivotal moments in the saga, that just come back to you like that when a reminiscence is triggered.

DeWayne In San Diego said...

UGHHHHHH I just wrote a long ass comment and it went into the blogger ether because I was not signed in!

Damn one thing has NOT CHANGED ON BLOGGER!

Be back shortly once I recompose myself ;-p

DeWayne In San Diego said...

Albert and I had a wonderful time in Texas I had never been to San Antonio or Austin the last two Texas cities on my to do list. Saved the Best for last!

A highlight was watching Judas Kiss in the perfect venue (Alamo Roadhouse Brew pub theater) and seeing the positive reactions to a very good film.

After the screening I recall getting on Sean to finish his book (he had just released the name Incorrigible) which he admitted he had repeatedly shoved aside as his Indy Film work has taken more time.

I said and believe the book will be a cathartic experience, Sean pointed out he tends to look forward not back.

I recall telling Albert (and some Austin film fans) I never expected Seans dream of moving past porn,becoming an actor and actually being accepted for who he is (not what he has done in the xxx world) to ever come to fruition.

Having talent is not enough, you need to have opportunity which is in the hands of others.

Something Jim points out in his last comment made me think.

Sean Lockhart shamed his detractors by not only doing the right thing (Grant as well)under incredible stress to put a killer away but by also accepting more responsibility for his actions at age 17 than almost any adult in public life today!

When you have Congressmen sexting on Twitter and a morally bankrupt thrice married presidential candidate running on a family values platform who looks like Nero chomping for his next Orgy..

Celebrities on TMZ naked,drunk,high OD'ing in and and out of Rehab beating their spouses etc.

The pornstar turned actor showed more integrity than a banker..oops wrong analogy..a priest opps wrong again.

Society's formally exalted professions have all been revealed to be bankrupt and mendacious.

How can a Porn XXX past seem so scandalous when everyone in public life has become a character out of a Pier Pasolini film!

A man with the xxx past really is not much of a scandal now which says more about how far American society has declined (or been revealed to all) than acceptance but the effect has been Sean Paul can move forward thru doors that ten years ago would have been slammed shut.

will g said...

I just remember BB (and I think Renee as well) saying he had secret inside information that Sean and Grant were both going to be indicted AFTER the trial. First the the D.A. was going to use them to convict H & J, then he was going to turn around and put them on trial, thus admitting that he had suborned perjury in the first trial! It made perfect sense!

Hi BB. Cat got your tongue? You never come play with us any more.

jim said...

Yep that reminds me of other memorable moment:

You know, we look back at this today, and we see the DA making a statement declaring to the world their innocence. Could the DA still prosecute after the trial, after making this statement? AS A PRACTICAL MATTER no. A DA's statement like this can and would be used against him in a future hypothetical trial. Decisively. For all intents and purposes, that door was now closed.

This was as obvious to me yesterday as it is today. Yet I look in the comments to this thread, such as this one:

"...Technically, the state could come back tomorrow and file indictments against all three of those mentioned."

...and I just shake my head in wonderment ... SO many people REFUSING to grasp the obvious!

This was another pivotal saga moment. One of many!

Geoff Harvard said...

Damn, upon review, Renee owes me $2500.00. You could buy a chinchilla jacket for that.

jim said...

True story: I met someone a year and half ago with a copy of that exact same Bernini brand faux chinchilla coat.

At least I'm pretty sure it was. It did not have a label (it may have been removed) but the size and pattern and color was exactly the same. Reversible leather and everything.

I was so tempted to make an offer for it! It did look and feel extremely comfy.

PC said...

The 'birth' of Chinchilla... ;)

jim said...

That's it!

will g said...

That's weird. The comment thread I quoted from and linked to in this comment above has disappeared.

jim said...

I accidentally hid them. They are now unhidden!

Geoff Harvard said...

Is anyone else glad that Sean Lockhart's life seems to be planing out with the indie film career and ditching the series of controlling, abusive boyfriends and renewal of family relationships and travel opportunities and horsie and doggie and neat little pottoman in SD?

will g said...

I think my answer to Geoff is "yes," except I don't know what a "neat little pottoman" is.

will g said...

Yay, PC's book has its own blog!

I was going to suggest that you open this blog back up in May, Jim, so we'd have somewhere to discuss the book, but it looks like that problem's been solved.

jim said...

Yeah we'll just go there!

Geoff Harvard said...

"Pottoman" is the James Thurber dialect spelling for apartment. I guess a Thurber reference is too obscure.

PC said...

"will g said...
Yay, PC's book has its own blog!

... and here I thought I was going to be able to retire from blogging... lol!

Just wanted to wait until I knew it was time... after all, there's been a few false-starts in the past... well... it's now time. :)

Nick said...

While willg has chosen to call Bud Foxx's very existence here within the blogosphere against Damon kruezer as it once existed as "a fraud" and that he, [Bud Foxx/Chris Maddox] never lived nor existed; which then means that his death was a hoax as willgold22 aka willg wants you to believe is a travisity which should never stand unchallenged by anyone. Anyone.

Willg was NEVER present during the campaign which Bud Foxx launched and which most of you people embraced.

Bud Foxx, was seemingly, more of you than you were ever of yourselves.

Yet willg, in his then absent superiority of everyone else during that time; Now wants you to believe that Budfoxx was a hoax. Bud Foxx was a fake.

Really? was Bud Foxx really a fake?

He even wants you to believe that the "Bud Foxx Fund" which NO-ONE contributed to was another Damon Kruezer fraud. Dexx Jones called the Bud Foxx Fund a fraud which allowed willg to believe the same because if you don't already know; Dexx Jones is the authority in shutting down the likes of Damon Kruezer.

The Bud Foxx fund was established by one person and one person alone. It never solicited nor accepted funds from an outside source. It helped two people in its totality, if that is important for anyone to know anyway.

Anyone with any sense of mind realizes that Damon Kruezer is a crazy and lonely person.

But to ever associate Bud Foxx with him in the manner that willg has is probably one of the most disgusting things anyone could ever want to hear or believe.

Willg demands the death certificate of Chris Maddox as proof as if he never existed and or died.

Willg needs to understand that it is not a dead man’s burden to prove what he was once in his life - but for willg to prove that that he wasn’t. Or, never was.

At the end of the day - If willg actually WAS called before a court of law to demonstrate his twitter accusations, he would fail.

I’m certain that this blog will not publish this post as it appears to be more convenient than honest.

jim said...

I'm neutral on the whole Bud Foxx think. Actually neutral is too strong a word; "apathetic" would be better.

Happened after my retirement, IIRC, and don't even know the details (and don't care!).

will g said...

"Nick," the mere fact that you are now posting under a new name, rather than "William Wolbrecht," which is the name you used when you threatened DeWayne on this blog two years ago, tells me all I need to know.

For anyone who may have missed it, "Nick" made his first appearance on PC's new blog, mysteriously suggesting that PC should provide a copy of the book to Harlow and Joe to somehow prevent me from spreading malicious "gossip."

At least that little piece of ridiculata ties this into the Kocis case Jim! Otherwise, yes I agree, this is all completely irrelevant. I guess my little "detour" above, about "Bud Foxx's" comments on Ethangate, set "Nick" off.

will g said...

SORRY Jim, but I just have to add one footnote. "Nick" spells the name "Chris Maddox." On "William Wolbrecht's" old blog The Brink Zone, the last name was spelled "Maddux." This is, hopefully, the last I will ever speak of this.

TheDaveofDaves said...

Not surprised that "Nick/Yves Mignon/Willie Willie" would show up here. After all, since Kentie himself can't, somehow has to spew his shit for him.

DeWayne In San Diego said...

Will you must have a photographic memory, you have an amazing ability to recall blog posts you have read ;-)

As for ephemeral personality's no one cares anymore.

On a more positive note looking forward to Peters book and Jim I do hope you say hello occasionally on Twitter ;-)

will g said...

Yeah Jim, a Twitter account is a terrible thing to waste. In addition to all of us, you could be chatting it up with Sean and Mason and Ethan...

Speaking of which, have you seen this? "Last activity" on Mar. 20 2012. Not sure whose activity that refers to, but notice the MySpace link. You'd think he'd have scrubbed all references to Brat Boy School by now...

Nick said...

willgold has to be the Gladys Kravitz of the internet which once was just a sit-com character which was once was a joke which made us all feel cool and laughable - has now become a preditor.

willgold22, if you ask him to demonstrate A SINGLE FACT which he can provide, he will offer YOU NOTHING. Why is that William?

He has nothing to offer other than what the Dexx Jones family rhetoric combined with the Mark Wilson failure to be anything of which he ever claimed to be - to offer anyone.

Here is my question to WillGold22:

Prove, with the facts which you claim to have, that Bud Foxx never existed and was a fraud. Prove that his death was a fraud.

It's all about YOUR facts and YOUR information now WillGod22.

If you really are a person whom we should listen to..Place your facts before US.

Willgold22 has the opportunity now to present his FACTS before us all to tell us that BudFoxx was a fake and that he never existed.

Will he?

will g said...

You want "proof" William/Nick? Here's your proof:

Maddux, Madux, Maddox

And this IS the last time I will ever speak of this. Any further comments Jim approves will not be repsonded to, so don't waste your time.

will g said...

Sorry, that link in my other comment went to his Facebook page, it was SUPPOSED to go here.

Geoff Harvard said...

Hey, Will, if you hang out in the Kocisphere you have to assume that everyone is guilty and everyone is lying. There is no such thing as betrayal because you know up front that no one is innocent and no one is telling the truth.

jim said...

Well I think that's a wrap for another year. I'll keep 'er open for another day or so, in case anyone wants to get some last thing off their chests, and then shut 'er down 'till next year.

But I'm sure I'll see you all again May 22!!!

PC said...

"But I'm sure I'll see you all again May 22!!!"

It can't get here soon enough... lol!

Albert said...

Albert says,

Thanks for another great reunion Jim. Catch you next time and stop by Twitter occasionally. You all know where to find DeWayne and I. LLAP